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So you started a business and don’t have much of a design budget. Here is things you can do to help

When you start a business you may not have a budget to start with. We get it, have all been there. But please don’t run to Canva and use a stock logo, your product/service designers more than to be the same as 1000s of others.

  • Choose 3 fonts and stick to them. This will allow your brand to have cohesion across the website and social media

  • From the fonts use this for your logo. Have a logo your business name with your brand colours. If you aren’t a creative I recommend doing your logo very simple until you can hire a designer

  • stick to 4 colours, have 1 colour as your main, font colour the others will be accent colours. Accent colours complement your branding these can be used as background colours on social media or across your website.

These tips will allow your branding to be cohesive and effective.

When you have the budget to hire a designer please do. This will help elevate your business and take it to the next level.

Check out our services for future. xx

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