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Welcome to Sleek, here is a bit about me.

Hey, I am Jess the owner and designer of Design. I started sleek in 2020 as a hobby to be creative and up level my skills.

I grew up in small town in North Queensland. Life was never easy, there was a lot of challenges and I had to be very strong. Sense I was young (toddler) I had to look after myself. From having to raise myself, my younger brother and sister I knew I was in control of my life to make it better.

My goal is create a life that I never had growing up. This doesn't mean having all the money in the world (although that would be nice) It is about being happy and passionate.

Seeing my mum hating her job, being d depressed, stressed with money and bingeing in toxic behaviour on the weekend I knew I always wanted more.

Sleek is filled with passion and to aspire other business owners to have a business they love. Knowing their vision is BIG and can impact others. As small business owners we tend to doubt ourselves. I want you to believe your business is meant for the big time. I want your branding to make you feel like you are the leader in your industry.

Passion is the driver of success with Sleek, that is what sets me apart from other designers.

Want to know more about Sleek's services? Head to my services page and download prices + packages guide. That way we can connect and know exactly what your business needs for the best results and success.

Jess xx

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