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Why am I different? Out of all the big agencies and designers why me?

Sleek is built from passion and creativity not the $ figure. To be honest, I don't anything from Sleek. Every cent is put back into Sleek for me to grow and be better for my clients. Like the agencies, I don't have staff to manage, HUGE amount of clients where your small business isn't a priority. With me you and your business is my number one priority. Your businesses growth and success is also my successes.

I started Sleek back in 2020 just out of passion to help small business without using every cent you made. I wanted small businesses to have a voice.

I have worked for MANY small businesses, I know the back end and I know how hard you work. I know the blood, sweat and tears that go into running the business. Every aspect of my business reflects my passion and love for small business. High quality and detailed service without it hurting the bank.

Branding that will have a forever impact.

Jess xx

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