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You have 3 seconds to keep a customer on your website.

Yep, only 3 seconds. Customers will either stay on your site or leave. You need to GRAB their attention.

So want to know how to keep customers on your website? Read below:

  1. A professional website. Your website needs to be clean and professional. A professional website layout and design allows your customers to trust you. If the website looks cheaply made or out of place they will not trust you. How can you expect customers to spend money on your website if no time or strategy has gone into your website. TRUST = CUSTOMERS.

  2. Mobile friendly. Your website must be mobile friendly 80% of your customers will be shopping on their phones.

  3. Clear CTA. Your website must have a clear call to action. This has to be in the top section of your website.

  4. Professional imagery that showcases the products. Imagery sells. Your product photography is important. The photos must be clear and professional.

  5. Why should customers stay on your website? Tell your customers about you, your business or have a clear brand message. Customers love connection. Allow them to connect with your business.

Having a clean and professional website is vital to the success of your business.

Sleek offers brand design services & packages. Head to our services page or send me an email to know more.

It's time to stand out and be memorable.

Jess xx

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